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Welcome to my story as the ResearchGeek. Yes it does sound a little weird but as a personal brand, it has grown and grown and taken me to places all over the world to mentor, educate and teach others about market research and Insight.

This page will tell you everything you might need to know if you are a brand/organisation looking for exposure or an individual who is looking for some assistance or advice in their current role. With on average 15,000 unique page views per year and over 12,000. fans.  The opportunities are moments away.

My approach is not like a normal media title.

Like many media titles, they have many different individuals working for them, typically selling advertisement spaces. This is why I believe in partnerships that help you and me at the same time. And this could be short-term and long term goals we both might have.

You don’t talk to a sales person or a graphic individual or a mail-out manager or a social-media manager because my personal brand is who I am. I dedicate a lot of time to my blog and I therefore take pride in how my brand is portrayed in the media and online.

My values

Like many bloggers, their blog lets individuals enter their lives and this is why I follow some common values that will truly be used when working in partnership with me:

There is no copy and pasting or a similar blog post, every piece of information I share with my readers is authentic.
I always like to learn new ways of working but I would hope my materials are educational as well. As the main aim of my blog is to educate others in the sector to improve.
You get what you see. I have a personal blog and brand that lets me travel the world speaking and blogging about market research. I am fun and bubbly and I bring this to the party as well when discussing all things market research and Insight.

What I do best



Social Media

Email Marketing

1to1 mentoring

Training sessions

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