Uncovering true insights using video surveys

When it comes to engaging your customers, market research has been trying to stay ahead of the curve of innovation. This has been helped by organisations such as Plotto who have created a new and exciting product enabling users to uncover true insights using video surveys.

Why use the product?

You’re already aware that video content on your website and social media channels is more valuable than written content when it comes to engaging customers.

It is the modern way after all…..

And with the growing prevalence of mobiles, webcams and affordable digital cameras, along with video sharing sites like YouTube, everyday folk also have the opportunity to create and share their own videos easily.

With ever more affordable options for businesses to create videos, and so much user-generated content being shared online, there are numerous opportunities to use video to reach out to new customers or to cement your relationships with existing ones, whether it’s you or your customers who create those videos.

Plotto is one of the best platforms that enables researchers to create, analyse and edit video surveys quickly and efficiently

Plotto’s mission is to bring together new media and storytelling; oriented towards privacy and qualitative content relevance. But what is special, it allows you to turn big data into smart and actionable insights that can be used at a strategic level.

I think there are 10 main areas why Plotto is the GO TO platform to use:

  • It allows for product feedback and sampling
  • Video ‘free text’ in online research surveys – More and more individuals want to freely speak about products in their own time. And on the sofa!
  • It can enable ethnographic research and video diaries that can be transcribed and used
  • Creative testing pre & post campaign
  • Video testimonials
  • Surveys and content for pitches or PR
  • Insight generation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement & client feedback
  • Focus group homework or pre-screening

Areas of improvement

With any platform, there are areas for improvement and I am sure Plotto are already a step ahead of these, but…

Is the platform accessible for all communities whether they are elderely, disabled, young or from a community where technology is not as important to use?

Also, the willingness of so many to share the intimate details of their lives, coupled with the rapid development of technology allowing them to do so, presents numerous unprecedented opportunities for researchers…

And it will take brave organisation to take a new step into the world of video technology and surveys. Until the mass market do; the product needs real life case studies and impact.

My final recommendation for the product to take that step further is to look at ways of innovating data into a wide range of data visualisation formats enabling the less data savvy individuals to interpret the information quickly and efficiently.


Did the product live up to expectations?

From using Plotto and testing the platform I am going to give it a score of 8/10. It is one of the easiest platforms to use and better yet, you can:

  • Create your survey quickly using the drag and drop interface making it a doddle to use.
  • Get straight down to the core insights when you are up against it and short of time, using the interactive analytics tool.
  • Create video testimonials for presentations using the very simple showreel creation meaning bullet points and insights can be brought to life
  • Export all of the data and information; enabling you to show information to clients away from your desk at any time

The real value for researchers, though, will come in the form of opportunities to take a first-hand peek into important aspects of people’s lives, such as what they do in their spare time, which topics they’re talking about and how they really feel about them. We’ll also get insight into how they present themselves publicly – and while it might never quite be possible to know how these people behave when they’re not being watched, observing their online persona can still tell us a lot…

With so many possibilities emerging, it’s an exciting period of time where live streaming technology is becoming increasingly accessible. And I feel Plotto is one of the first organisations to nail it!!

Using Plotto, you will be able to gather new data that will help you understand people’s lifestyles, emotions, and how they share them online quickly, and cost effectively.



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