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5 things I have learnt from the sector in 2017

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On December 1, 2017


As we move closer to 2018, I thought it would be useful to step back from market research. New to the sector, a lot of learnings have taken place. And some spring to mind…

  1. Individuals are worried about technology!

More and more individuals are worried about technology and how this could change their job. Or whether a computer/robot could take their role. In my opinion, this is many years away, the sector should keep moving in the direction it is going. Everyone likes to be efficient and technology can only enhance the opportunities to work on some very interesting projects. Having said that, it should challenge our thinking for the future to deliver work for clients and businesses.

  1. Market Research training

A topic rarely discussed but something I find very interesting. In a sector that is constantly client or/and customer related, any training opportunities are within a classroom. At present, training opportunities are put in front of individuals.

Isn’t this the opposite way around to how market researchers work?

We work in a world that first wants to understand what the customers would like, then use insights to deliver/create a product.

What training needs are required by you to develop in the sector?


  1. Being nice (I hate that word!) to clients!

In a sector that is client friendly, its seem to be a fashion statement to be nice to clients. Clients receive reports that may not detail the full story. But show results they may like on the face of it. For example, showing a high percentage rather than a figure that could actually help but may not look as good.

So what?

This lends its self to number 4…

  1. How many clients challenge you constantly?

Not enough. You see different reports published each week by leading market research agencies whether that is client work or their own internal piece of work. Sometimes I question why businesses have selected a specific agency because the standard is questionable. This will always depend on what the client has received previously but if you are paying for a service, you must question things; don’t except the norm.

  1. Don’t forget to reflect

My final though for 2017 was the fact that individuals in the sector do not necessarily look back in time. Yes, it is all well and useful to talk about new methodologies and automation, and how to improve the sector. But remember where we have come from. The sector has come from paper surveys in newspaper to VR and using data from Pokémon Go and other Apps. The data utopia we live in today is frightening but something the sector should be proud of.

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