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7 proven ways to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On July 29, 2018


7 proven ways to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Whether you love or hate LinkedIn.

It is a good tool to enhance your personal brand. If your job seeking, an entrepreneur or someone who wants to connect with like-minded individuals.

LinkedIn has something for everyone.

However, many people forget how important your LinkedIn profile is. Some even start an account but never actually keep it up to date.

I am not one to keep my tactics a secret, so I am going to share with you 7 strategies I use to keep my personal brand on point, using LinkedIn.

These are all easy ways to build your personal brand and become an ALL-STAR in no time.


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Think of your summary section as your sales pitch

I see so many times market researchers with outdated summary sections and this also includes their profile pictures.

I have seen market research directors have a school picture as their profile.

Now, this may be the brand you are trying to portray, but it is not something I would recommend.

Your profile picture on LinkedIn needs to be current that suits your personal brand.

  • Are you looking to create a professional or a personal/casual approach?

This really depends on who you want to be in the sector.

In a previous blog post, I discussed how I think there are too many fish in the same pond and how individuals need to create a niche in the sector to survive.

Also, according to LinkedIn which is possibly the best place to start, you have 2,000 characters to use within your summary section.

Let’s not fill it with jargon and rubbish.

This is where your sales pitch comes into play. I would always recommend not to fill the entire area. Short, sweet and to the point is important.

Imagine you are in a lift for 30 seconds (Yes, a lot of floors!) with several business leaders in your sector and you really want to impress them. What would you say?

I would say:

I have recently been given two awards! Including one from Incite for being in the top 25 most influential market researchers on social media…….

This is the time to show off what you know in a short space of time. Every time someone clicks on your LinkedIn profile, they will see your picture and summary first before scrolling. Make sure it is on point.

Also, your profile has one of those special titles which says ‘connections’.


The magic 500+ 

When you first start on LinkedIn you just want to connect with any human being. To have an ALL-STAR LinkedIn profile that shows off your personal brand, you need to concentrate on those individuals who you may work with in the future.

For example, as a market research and a blogger I only really connect with like-minded individuals in the market research and technology sector.

However, there is a magic number of 500+ that will show on your profile when you reach 500+ connections.

Many people think this is an important aspect of any LinkedIn profile to prove your real and worth speaking and connecting to.

Think before you accept a connection:

How can you help them?

How can they help you?



Obviously, if you are only starting out in the sector, you may not have a lot of experiences to put down.

However, it’s important that you offer context and examples within your job roles, so your connections on LinkedIn know what you do and how this could help them.

This is something not many people do so it will help you to create that ALL-STAR LinkedIn profile that will ramp up your personal brand.



Where you have been to college, University or neither, it’s important you have a summary of your education. This doesn’t have to be in detail but showcases what you have gained, including training.



One way to step up your game and personal brand on LinkedIn is to gain relevant recommendations from your colleagues, people you know and from others in the sector.

Recommendations carry a lot of weight when it comes to an ALL-STAR personal brand because:

It’s a written statement from someone real in the industry and who relates to you. It has more weight than a general comment from ‘someone’ who your audience may not know.



Something that is often forgotten is the interests section of LinkedIn. It can tell a lot about a person. If someone has keen interests in holiday groups and football betting tips but doesn’t work in any of those sectors, then I would question whether they are on LinkedIn for social/fun or for business.


LinkedIn publisher

The publisher tool on LinkedIn is an untapped feature for many. Those who do produce articles and publish on LinkedIn defiantly reap the rewards from greater exposure. It’s an opportunity to write content that is in relation to your job/sector.

Noah Kagan provides a number of top tips when you come to writing a LinkedIn article, some were:

  • Make your titles between 40 and 49 characters long!
  • Put images within your articles!
  • Write around 1,900 to 2,000 words!

Over to you

Now it’s your time to create a personal brand on LinkedIn.


Have fun!


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