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Let me tell you the truth. I’m not trying to change your ways or to influence your decision if you don’t like what I’m offering. Over 10,000 community members receive award-winning blog articles, expert industry podcasts + freebies!

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I take something called GDPR more important than anything. You know that thing don’t you! That means I hate spam, I hate it when you aren’t expecting an email from someone and then you get something. You won’t get that from me!

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Every wondered what data and market research companies are up to? Interested in what new solutions some of the main companies in the sector are thinking about? Want to actually stay ahead of the game?

The ResearchGeek Podcast is all about sharing the latest thinking from the brightest minds in market research!

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Who would have thought a market researcher could have an engaged community on social media including Instagram and Twitter?


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You’re In Good Company!

As a market researcher and a thought leader (said by others!), I have been fortunate to work with a range of organisations around the work so you’re in good company:

  • Companies include Formula One, Wimbledon Championships, Nike, Adidas, London Marathon + others
  • F100 companies such as Survey Monkey!
  • Market leading research organisation such as Logit Group, Question Pro and Greenbook