— Hello, I’m Jake Pryszlak.
The founder of ResearchGeek.
This is my personal brand and blog. A melting pot of information to get you set — with all of the tools and information you need to become successful in your career and feel like you know what you are talking about when asked and talking about market research.
Everything changed for me when I started my personal brand.
Before then, I was just the same as everyone else who applies for a job. I had a degree and a Masters. But a lot of people had the same profile as me. They enjoyed football, they volunteered, they had good grades. And then I thought..
so what?
I always say, so what? So like many of you. I had that moment. That moment when I thought I could be different to everyone else. That moment when I thought I could make an impact. A time when I thought I could make that WOW factor.
Don't just take it from me
Jake is a very enthusiastic person and has a positive approach to all things market research. Jake’s work and also his blog have given himself an outstanding niche withinthe sector that I am sure will get stronger.
James Mckay
I would have no hesitation in recommending Jake to anyone interested in research and insight. His attitude to his personal growth and development is outstanding, coupled with his professional skills!
Yvonne Harrison
Managing Director, Project 92
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The ‘ResearchGeek’ moment
A personal blog dedicated to helping fellow market researchers and individuals who just want to learn about the concept and industry. You might be a newcomer to the industry or you might be an entrepreneur or a start-up looking at new ways of working. Well, there is something for everyone. When I mean, everyone. I mean everyone. I am here to help you succeed and get to a point where you think you are a ResearchGeek!
You are possibly thinking. How on earth can I do that?
Well through hard work, I have created a number
of services that include:
Content writing
... and much more that you can tap into
My personal brand is something I take great care of. I am not a FT100 company with millions of staff. It is just me. I create my website. I publish things on social media. You just get me which is a unique offer.