Twitter accounts to follow

20 Market Research Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2019

25 May 2019
Twitter accounts to follow


Over the last 3 to 5 years, the market research industry has been a thriving and engaging online community. I have seen first hand the passion from people in the industry from all over the world, collaborating to achieve success and continuous improvement and innovation. This means there are so many twitter accounts to follow!

I previously wrote about the Top 5 market research podcasts you should be listening to and whilst podcasts have grown and grown in recent years. There is still an underlying value in social media, especially Twitter to collaborate, share ideas and your own values.

My top 20 twitter accounts to follow in 2019 has not used any tools such as Buzzsumo and they include individual accounts as well as companies because I think both should be on a level playing field and they all contribute to the market research industry in some way.

My list is in no particular order and every single one contributes to the market research industry on social media in some way. There are a number of individuals and companies who I have not included and this does not mean they do not contribute to the industry. Deciding on the twitter accounts to follow was a difficult task for sure.


  1. Zappi

Zappi help global brands make faster and better decisions to drive business growth, shape new product development, and enhance their advertising efforts!

  1. SurveyMonkey

A leading survey software who are on a mission to help people turn their curiosity into action.


  1. Jamin Brazil

Jamin loves market research! Software I’ve built used by 3,000 firms & 75% of the F500 for consumer insights have used software he has built. Jamin also hosts the #MRxChat with me!


  1. Logit Group

Market Research and data collection specialists. Offices worldwide. Practitioners in the science and art of research execution.


  1. Jake Pryszlak

That’s me! A 3-time award-winning market researcher who translates the market research geek-speak into nerd free takeaways.


  1. Zontziry Johnson

Lifelong learner. Mother. Sewer. Sci-fi and boardgame geek. Who was also named in my top 5 market research podcasts to listen to!


  1. Chris Martin

Chief Marketing Officer at FlexMR. Continually contributes to the wider market research landscape


  1. Mike Mostransky

Mike is part of the Remesh team who is an avid music geek as well as a storyteller!


  1. Remesh

Remesh is a Truth Discovery Platform that gets you the Truth about a population at the speed of a live conversation.


  1. Tom Anderson

Founder & Chief Research Officer at OdinAnswers.


  1. Tim Lynch

Helping companies understand Feelings at scale. Having a blast at the intersection of marketing, analytics, usability and behaviour.


  1. Roddy Knowles

Product and Innovation Research Director at Dynata, who contributes across the market research landscape at events and twitter chats.


  1. FlexMR

Empower brands to inform every decision at the speed of business by delivering on-demand insights and enterprise-grade research technology.


  1. Plotto

Uncover the truth with Plotto, an online video research platform with advanced analysis and storytelling tools.


  1. Appendix Pro

David Zhou is the CEO of AppendixPro crosstab service for survey data!


  1. Leela Srinivasan

CMO at SurveyMonkey, on a quest to power the curious. Scottish born and bred.


  1. Ryan Barry

Part of the Zappi team who helps clients make faster decision making. An avid Boston sports fan as well.


  1. Aji Ghose

Head of Research & Data Science at Sky. PhD in Computational Cognitive Modelling.


  1. Bethan Blakeley

Director of the HoneyComb who always expect more from data. Hockey 7s fanatic and a maths geek.


  1. Questback

People-focused feedback platform helping companies understand customers, engage employees and outperform markets.


In summary

In summary, there are more than 20 twitter accounts to follow that are in relation to market research. Whether they are market research professionals or companies. However, the top 20 I have mentioned, are continually engaging with communities online and may it continue for a very long time.

Who else could be on this list?

Let me know!

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