Using Twitter to create your personal brand 1

Using Twitter to create your personal brand

08 Dec 2018
Using Twitter to create your personal brand 2

Many of you will know that I am always on Twitter. Sometimes too often. Yet, by using Twitter as one of my key social media channels for my blog. I have managed to forge partnerships, with some of the leading market research and technology organisations in the world. But, in light of the social media boom, there are always comments online that go like:

“People on social media are fakes, you never see them”
The above comment is completely true. You don’t see the real person behind a Twitter profile so you are unsure how authentic they actually are. However, this blog post is going to show you how to make your complete Twitter profile. Using some top tips I have learnt along my crazy journey to be a #1 influencer.
If you are new to Twitter, scared of using the tool or you use it like me. I am sure there will be a takeaway for you.
If you don’t take any takeaways, then please do give me a shout out on Twitter or by email. This is a snapshot of what is actually possible.
Crafting your Twitter profile
I always think that crafting a fine tuned Twitter profile page is a huge factor in growing your following and engaging with relevant audiences. It’s as simple as that. Soon as you tweet, people are coming to your profile page so let’s make it on point from the start.
It takes seconds
Creating a Twitter profile page can take seconds.
On the other hand, if you wish to use Twitter to grow your own personal brand in the market space and even develop business opportunities, you need to invest time and sometimes even money making a perfect profile that entices visitors to become followers and engage with you.
So I am going to take you through some step by step guides and even some ‘Don’t you dear do that!’ moments.
Ready? Let’s crack on with things then.
Your Twitter header photo
The header section is actually the biggest piece of visual you have on your Twitter profile. So its key to take advantage by having a creative but attractive design. Lets take a look at mine for an example:
So what does my Twitter header tell you?
It tells you many things including my name and what I do as a researcher, blogger and speaker. It is as simple as that.
Yet, you are thinking how do I create something like that though?
Good question and I will come on to that. But, whilst I am showing my followers some key information about myself, I am showing them my personality and who I am as well.
The style layout portrays who I am. I have created a slick, cool but business like feel to my Twitter header. To entice individuals into my world as a market research blogger and speaker.
Think of your Twitter header photo as your headline. The majority of the time it will be the first thing someone notices when they click on your profile. So it needs to be eye catching. People will be flying past your Twitter header in no time, so you only have seconds to grab their attention. So you need to make it snappy and to the point.
Think of billboards when you are driving or walking. Whilst you might look at them for a long time, you are not actually engaged in the advert. It’s a passerby moment in time.
How do I create my Twitter headers?
Good question. Twitter actually recommends making your header 1500 x 500 pixels.
Yet, I would recommend testing, testing and testing even more because these images are responsive. Meaning they can change resolution depending on the screen size.
On the plus side, Canva is something what I call magic when it comes to creating a perfect Twitter Header Photo.
They have different functionalities, allowing you to design your Twitter Header with ease of clicking a couple of buttons. I created my Twitter header by myself but you can use their templates which are free to use.
Your Twitter profile picture
Now this does depend on who you are. If you are a business, an individual or a freelancer. Your Twitter profile picture matters. After all, it’s the next best visual representation of your brand after your Twitter header. So you need to make it count.
For any personal or solopreneur accounts, I would always recommend using a picture of yourself. On the other hand, make sure it’s who you are.
For example. My profile picture is business like because that’s who I stand for and what my blog and twitter profile is. I tend not to share too many cartoons. It also must fit inside the circle area, so think twice before placing any image in your profile picture.
Twitter Bio
This is one of your most important areas. Its only 160 characters so it should be quick and easy to complete.
If you hear anyone say that, then don’t believe them. Just because it’s only 160 characters, that doesn’t mean you can write your bio quickly – it’s the opposite.
However, due to the limited characters available, you must be creative when filling the space with information that you want to show others. Make sure it helps your personality shine through.
Many don’t know this but your Twitter Bio can impact on your SEO. Twitter has its own search engine. Like Google but for its own platform. Your Twitter Bio should be keyword rich. So when individuals search for those keywords you appear at the top of the page.
Let’s take a look at my Twitter Bio.
I have split my Bio into different areas.
1. I tell the reader about me. Which includes key words such as award-winning and market researcher.
2. I give a personal touch – I am a big fan of a chocolate biscuit
3. I promote the rest of my profile with hands pointing down
4. I provide a link to my blog
So what else can you do on Twitter?
Apart from changing the colour scheme and adding your own person touch to your profile. You can add pinned tweets. These sit at the top of your profile and don’t move from the top of the page. This means you can grab the attention.
I would recommend pinning your favourite tweet, a blog post for the day or something personal to you.


So let’s provide some recommendations
Make sure your Twitter header photo is on point. You can actually make a suitable Twitter header photo in PowerPoint. But I would recommend something like Canva which has many templates you can use.
Your Twitter Bio then is key. Whilst your profile picture is important. Your Bio actually tells people who you are. But, you have a limited number of characters, so think how you want to create this section. Show off your personality and who you are.
So now it’s over to you. Create an awesome looking Twitter profile can take some time but you can meet so many people along the way. If you are wondering whether social media is for me. Then look no further than my blog. It all started from social media. Whilst I gain clients and partners from when I speak at events. 70% of my current partners and clients had started a conversation with me from social media first.
I network and ask questions on Twitter that sparks a conversation. So now is you’re time to create an outstanding Twitter profile.
Next – Tweet me once you have read my article with your thoughts and how you are getting on.


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