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Creating A Clear Content Strategy For Your Market Research Company

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On March 6, 2020
content strategy for market research companies

A content strategy and creation can be one of those items on a list of many other things you have to think about as a business. Sometimes, content and marketing can lose focus and get dropped down the list of other important things.

In this article I’m going to be discussing my own content strategy in the market research industry and how I have developed my researchgeek blog into a powerful tool that enables me to be myself and gain influence

There is so much content being created in a day, its actually mind-blowing. I try to create 1 piece of valuable content each week like my latest which discussed whether a market research career is for everyone?

Unfortunately most content is just noise. Value added and strategic content is very rare. According to the Content Marketing Institute 55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like.

Create your own content strategy and don’t copy

Ultimately my tips on creating a clear content strategy is what I do but you shouldn’t copy, you should create your own route to success. You should be yourself, write, blog, video yourself, podcast as you and not someone else.

I talk so much about the ugly part of growing a personal brand and being yourself in one of my latest blog posts and I’m mentioning this because there is a clear link between a personal brand or your business brand and your content strategy.

Did you know that over half of the industry experts in marketing have no clue if the content they are creating is successful.


And before you say it, a content strategy is so much more than SEO words and getting on the 1st page of Google or a different search engine which I am going to explain now.

Your content strategy must have a plan

23% of organisations are not measuring the ROI of their marketing. To do so, you need a clear strategy and a goal orientated mindset. You must have a plan in place, with clear and objectionable goals that you can measure. If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team within your market research company then it can obviously be tricky but this Is where I can help too so feel free to get in touch! 

What does a content strategy mean for a market research company?

A content strategy is knowing exactly..

  • Where to say what?
  • How to say it?
  • When to say it?
  • Know who you are saying it to?

Before you even start to plan out what type of content you will be publishing and at what time, you first need to understand your audience. For a market research company, this could be really specific such as a Chief Executive at a company or it could be a Strategy Director. Who ever it is, they will have similar behaviours associated to them.

Creating audience personas for your content strategy is not a sales call

The key to understand your target audience isn’t to act like it’s a sales call. The actual gold is to ask meaningful questions about them and their lives. What makes them tick?!

Let the person guide the conversation and listen closely to their exact wording and repeated phrases. You will discover similar words being used by multiple customers. Their struggles in the industry, what they are most proud of, the next 6 month plan etc.

The conversations you have with current, past and potentially future customers will make up key pieces of the content for your website, blog posts, social media and even in your sales copy which gives the reader the impression that you are “in their head” or that “you really understand their problem and how they feel”.

There are so many different market research companies out there so you have to be different and by giving the impression that you know a clients world and you understand their problem means you have broken down one of the first barriers in terms of new business development.

Top 5 tips to create an awesome looking content strategy

To conclude and when you start to create your content strategy it should focus on your business and its mission whether that is to disrupt the market to DIY research, it could be anything. Your mission will then outline who your audience is, what content will be most interesting for them and how they will benefit.

Check out one of Survey Monkey’s latest articles here which explores their new testing solution concept which is grounded in the companies mission of curiosity but it also tells readers about a new concept which they might not have seen before.

Another great example is from Fastuna who work in the agile market research space and their latest article centred around ‘fail fast or learn early?’ which is again grounded in their company mission to provide an agile solution not just for market researchers but for any curious about feedback and understanding what people think.

Finally, Typeform who offer users online survey or like they like to put it, forms!

There latest blog post which was about creating better typeforms was rich in information about their company but in a nice way and something which they mentioned and often forgotten when writing a survey/form is ‘type the way you talk!’

In any marketing plan or content marketing plan you need to know why you have it, what’s the end goal?

For many companies its to be a thought leader in your space and obviously to see a return on your investment. You would hope by showing you are the thought leader this would equal sales. However, its not as simple as that and it does take time. The last word in that sentence is the most important word you need to take away from today. It will take time!

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