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Face-to-face data collection with a twist

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On December 12, 2016



From watching the Market Research Society Awards, I came across Jump Research who won the best face 2 face data collection award for 2016. They are an innovative market research & social research consultancy specialising in distilling insight from any data source. And lead by Louise Fraser.

The consultancy arm of Jump Research was established at a time when declining response rates were a real issue to the Market Research industry. Face-to-face  research is often cost prohibitive for some clients but the rewards enable businesses and clients to gain insightful knowledge from their customers.

Jump Research was founded in Scotland, where there it is difficult to gain a geographical sample, and they came up with an effective framework and initiative I think moves the sector forward into the next generation era.

So, how could you take the best snippets of online research that delivers fast results, and use technology and gain a broad geographic reach and then even combine face-to-face interviews with participants?

Jump Research launched their mobile research van!

Designed to enable quantitative and qualitative research to be conducted anywhere. The van is like no other, and equipped with iPads, WIFI, video cameras, TV/DVD players and cooking facilities that provide clients with an all-round research package to solve their solutions


Why do I think the Jump Van is innovative?


Well….first.. Who else has a van they use to gain valuable data and information from customers that breaks down such barriers as Geographic’s, cost, time and efficiencies?


  • The Van, provides 8 people at the same time to complete an online survey, allowing for multiple completions at ever one time.
  • A new and innovative idea brings foot fall, and the Jump Van have seen increased sample sizes compared to other projects.
  • It is cost effective as it only requires one interviewer and supervisor to help individuals to come and visit the van.
  • Whether it is raining, snowing or even if the sun is out, the Van is always on the move, and offers indoor and outdoor seated spaces

All in all, it enables you to interview anywhere from a remote island to a busy city centre, and reaches rural and young audiences not normally included in face-to-face research.


But there is a catch!

Mobile research vans as such are a convenience sample, meaning the sample is a target population when the client can not afford or can not reach a certain percentage of the population.


But convenience samples do not produce representative results

The tendency when using convenience samples is to treat the results as represented, even though they are not. And many people do not understand the theories underpinning such, and may treat any given survey as representational.


The results from such a sample are hard to replicate

If you analyse the data of a convenience survey by list source, you will often find differences in the answers from the different lists, often in ways that confound easy explanation.


OK.. But in a nutshell..


The concept and idea Louise and her team have come up with in collaboration with a range of universities is admiral. Even a research agency collaborating with a university is a new and exciting venture many others should follow..


Jump Research and their mobile research van provides rich quantitative and qualitative information and correlations. And some what sets the bar above traditional online sampling and methodologies.


This method is a mix of the next generation, as well as retaining our core values of market research


How do innovate to provide rich data and information for your business or client?


Is it a new idea, and something that will challenge the sector?

Then please get in touch and I would love to hear from you and your ideas and tweet me @Jakepryszlak & @jumpresearch with your thoughts and opinions!


Tick tock, tick tock, are you a business or agency that is not using technology or online methodologies, and are routed by traditional ways – Is this the way to go in market research?


Is it time for market research to use modern and efficient methodologies?

Or should the values of MRX stand?

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