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Gathering insights without asking – Ask the experts podcast series (episode 3)

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On August 21, 2020
Gathering Insights without asking

In today’s ‘Ask the experts’ podcast series I’m talking about gathering insights without asking someone. Specifically with Dan and Dan from Bakamo Social. 

When I joined the market research industry and created my personal brand, social media analysis was only just being used as a tool to understand the total reach of tweets, percentage of engagement from your entire social media posts. They were all matrix’s based on algorithms.  Now we have social listening where you can use tools like Brandwatch to uncover underlying discussions about your brand or products. 

Now you can deliver insights without actually asking consumers. You can gather Insights without sending an online survey because you are listening to people on social media to understand what they think in the moment and without point blankly being asked via an online survey or a focus group for example.

Today I wanted to share some of the great work Bakamo Social are doing in this space.

I was joined by:

Daniel Fazekas who has been working in converging fields of Internet technology, consumer insight and communication for over 15 years. A specialist in qualitative and technology-enabled research, he worked at a string of high-profile start-ups, including Netlog, IndexTools (acquired by Yahoo!), and Replise. In 2011 he founded, built, launched and sold KwaliTools, an online video focus group platform.

Dan Foreman who is an experienced entrepreneur and leader who brings over 20 years experience in the sector. He began his career at WPP before progressing to senior client, advertising, and consulting roles. Dan is currently chairing or advising the boards of several data, technology, marketing, social media and research. He also personally invests in many early-stage businesses and has helped organizations grow from incubation to multi-million dollar revenues (and exits). Dan is the current Past President of ESOMAR, winner of the prestigious AMA “4 under 40” award, and holder of the Disruptive Innovator MR Change Agent of the Year.

Listen to the episode below:


This episode discusses topics like:

  • The importance of social listening to any market research strategy that helps to gather insights without asking
  • The power of social listening and how it can be used to make business actions/outcomes
  • The ways in which you can use social listening to power up your market research!
  • Some case studies from Bakamo Social

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