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High-performing market research agencies: what do they have in common?

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On July 7, 2018


What do all high-performing market research agencies have in common?

I don’t know about you but when I look on Twitter or industry reports from the Market Research Society (MRS) or ESOMAR.
I find similar themes from all high performing market research agencies.
I have found 5 common themes that I am going to share with you today.
All which you can use within your market research agency or department. To become high-performing.
This may not mean you will turn over 50% more than you are doing currently.
High-performing means your team will work together against a set number of goals.
So let’s talk about these 5 common themes…


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Technology has been the main talking point for many years.
Since I could walk and talk. Technology has changed how I now live and you can see my thoughts on this in one of my latest blog posts here
So much new technology is entering our space at the moment.
It is a challenge to keep up to date with developments from market research agencies. Especially in the technology world.
Some may say, start-ups are not helping the sector to develop.
I completely disagree. Because of the wider use of technology, the more advanced it will become. This will only encourage other agencies to follow suit and develop new methodologies.
You will find that this is the case for those high performing market research agencies in the sector.
You only have to look at organisations such as Voxpopme and Zappi. Who are using technology to enhance the opportunity of using market research. From using videos to automated market research.


T-SHAPED individuals are people within the market research industry who are experts. At one aspect, but they have knowledge about many other aspects.
A qualitative researcher will have their own specialism at the top of the triangle. They also will also have other soft skills such as visualisation and data analysis.
Leading market research agencies use more T SHAPED individuals than others.
They can multi-task on many projects at one time using their different skill-sets.
On the other hand, this impacts on the return-on-investment of an employee.
One who can only work on set projects actually. Won’t return the value of money as someone who has a range of skills and works on many projects.
All dependent on the value of the projects.
You can find more about return-on-investment and market research here


Market research agencies who are driving change internally and externally are winning.
Many less efficient agencies are now copying off the leading pack and making up for lost time.
By driving change they are getting noticed within the sector. They are also gaining a reputation for innovative method development.


Zappi first came into the market when automation and market research was just taking off. Yet, it wasn’t as understood as it is now. Zappi is one of the world’s most powerful automated consumer insights platform.
What a game changer this was in the market!
It is of no surprise that Zappi is one of the leaders in automation. To take out any risk of poor methodologies or toxic panels.
Brands want answers quickly. As technology enhances, this will only help brands to answer those questions.
However, the human intelligence will never be lost.
Automation should only be used as another tool, to enhance the market research offering. Not a replacement.
The speed of change in research automation is rapid. Yet, I feel at the moment, humans and robots will work together. So brands and clients can benefit from accuracy, pace and also creativity and feel from a person.
Automation is a big player in the market research industry. It is important for any industry peer to have a personal brand. To set them alight, in comparison to technology and other individuals.
You can find my best top-tips for developing your personal brand here. My top-tips can help you to travel the world as a market researcher and blogger like me.


Content marketing may be a slight surprise to you. Because it’s not something that will win a client over or buy new business.
You only have to look at Twitter during the day or at peak times. To see what content is being shared by some of the leading market research agencies in the sector.
The ideas and concepts are mind-blowing in my opinion. It shows the skill-sets we have in the industry is improving every day.
Excellent content brings visitors to websites and ultimately, a potential sale.

Without content what is actually driving visitors?

This is one of the many reasons why I get asked to partner with organisations to guest blog for them on a weekly basis.
Need content?
Then feel free to get in touch via:


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