Is The Market Research Industry Like Choosing Between McDonald’s & Harrods?

[Tweet "The market research industry has two distinct areas, affordable/quick vs premium @Jake_pryszlak"] Technological developments, economic power changes, population change, environmental pressures and evolving consumer values underpin disruptions in the market...

The Good & Ugly Part Of Growing Your Personal Brand

An upfront commentary of my personal brand from beginning, to the troubling time and to when I felt like I was on top of the moon.

How To Monetize Your Personal Data Using UBDI

Forget Cambridge Analytica and start to think about how you can gain cash from your personal data weekly and even daily.

Do We Have Too Much Data And Not Enough Understanding?

Do We Have Too Much Data And Not Enough Understanding?

There is never enough time in business. Data on the other hand piles up relentlessly; as if there are separate rules for both. You might have read the MarTechNews article, Debra Bass, President of JNJ, who suggested that marketers are suffering from what she called...

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