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How to create a strong personal brand that gets results?

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On April 13, 2018


How to create a strong personal brand that gets results?

To create a personal brand takes time, sometimes money and more time.
I am going to tell you a range of TOP TIPS that I used to take my personal brand from nothing. To ranking high on Google. As well as being one of the top influencers on social media in my field.


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The use of Twitter has become an ever-growing trend for industry workers. To share their experiences with fellow like-minded individuals. Or to complain to a company about the customer service we have received. I am sure we can all tick that box..
According to the Omnicore Agency. There are 330 million individuals who use Twitter every monthly. Not all these will relate to marketing or market research. It shows you the scale that is possible.
Are you new to Twitter?
Have you used Twitter for a period of time?
Whether you answered yes to the first or second question. This article will be able to help you take advantage of Twitter and other social media platforms to enhance your career and personal brand. The same rules apply if your role is a strategist or even a director.

Why should you read my top 4 tips to enhance your career and personal brand?

My ResearchGeek concept/website was only started around 2 years ago. I changed my Twitter to relate to my personal brand (ResearchGeek). Increasing by following to over 3,000. Including 1,000+ subscribers to my newsletter. Whilst the following grows, conversations emerge and that means opportunities.
I now speak internationally at events and webinars about market research. And it was all from Twitter and communicating with people.
Twitter isn’t for everyone. So I have now created an Instagram and Facebook account. You can follow my journey as a market researcher and an industry blogger.
So here it goes, I am going to take you through 4 ways that will create you a strong personal brand and get you results.

Personal brand and hashtags

If you are new to Twitter, you will be able to see that many tweets contain one or two hashtags. Some even contain more than two. These help readers locate specific tweets in relation to a topic. It also helps the publisher showcase their thoughts to interested individuals.
You will see many posts that include more than 2 hashtags. Personally, I think this damages your personal brand as it looks like spam. Buffer recently conducted a piece of research in relation to hashtags. Recommending 2 hashtags as the best number to promote tweets.
In market research, there are many hashtags I would recommend searching for, and they are:
Actually, there are more hashtags available. However, it is important to know the main market research events around the world. As all of these will have their own specific hashtags so you can follow the commentary.

Personal brand: Share your own thoughts and opinions

Whatever you post on Twitter, you are letting anyone see what your thoughts and opinions are. This shouldn’t put you off from having an opinion about particular subjects. There are many subject areas you could discuss in relation to market research. From method development, survey design to infographics and data visualisation. The language you use to share your thoughts and opinions. Depends on what type of personal brand you wish to have…
Twitter is not about sharing your own thoughts, but its also about sharing other peoples as well. And this can be done by retweeting.

You don’t have to be on social media 24/7 to create a strong personal brand

Pick the most appropriate times!

If you are starting on Twitter or if you have been a long-standing user of the platform. You don’t have to be on it 24/7 to get results. By results, I mean discussions with others, retweets, likes and clicks to any links you have posted. HootSuite published an article to understand when to post on Twitter to get results.
They observed thousands of tweets and found that 3 pm from Monday to Friday was the best time to post. This is for any industry.
I would identify when you would like to post on Twitter but also when your followers are also posting. So you can try and have a conversation with them.
Market research is an international sector with clients and agencies all over the world. Meaning individuals in different countries will tweet at different times. There are many platforms that can help you schedule tweets such as Hootsuite and Buffer.

Enhance your personal brand on social media

Your personal brand is who you are. If you wish to be an ‘expert’ in a particular subject, then you need to articulate that. By answering questions with conviction and clarity. Also, don’t be scared to ask a question or have your own opinion on a topic. You should ask questions to enhance your learning. Whilst emphasising your thoughts and opinions on a given subject. There is no wrong answer. But there is an opportunity to have your opinion.
It’s important to be individualised and authentic in your responses. If you wish to agree with someone’s suggestion. Then articulate why you agree with them, to strike a new conversation.
Overall, remember that a personal brand isn’t just online. It’s what individuals think of you on LinkedIn, at conferences, your writing style but also in the office. You should try and be consistent through your social media channels. As well as conversations with others online or in person. If you are a fun and bubbly person and enjoy the realms of market research, let people know that.
Now its time to put these top tips into action and create a solid personal brand for yourself.

Do you need help to understand what your personal brand could look like?

Well I am here to help.
Email me at or tweet me to see how I can help!


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