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Written by Jake Pryszlak

On August 31, 2020

In today’s ‘Ask the experts’ podcast series I’m chatting to Erik from ImagineBC who are a collaborative project built by entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and dreamers.

With ImagineBC, you own all your data.

Everything is stored securely, and you’re the only one with the key to access it. ImagineBC creates opportunities for you to share your information with companies and individuals interested in purchasing it, while also keeping your information safe and secure. Through Blockchain Technology, they can create trust and ensure that only you can decide who has access to it.

You can find out in the podcast!

I was joined by CEO & Founder, Erik Rind who is a seasoned technology executive dedicated to building a digital community and providing members of this community with the tools they need to easily and efficiently learn how to monetize their personal information.

Listen to the episode below:


This episode discusses topics like:

  • The importance of PERSONAL DATA in the society that we live in today
  • Why you should take notice of ImagineBC…
  • What Erik thinks of the top 4 companies in the world…
  • The new and exciting plans that IMAGINEBC have in store for allowing individuals to monetize their personal data

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See you in the next episode!

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