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How To Make The Right Decisions Fast Using Glow

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On March 25, 2020

Companies and individuals need tools such as Glow to cope with increasing pressure to be fast. Whilst being fast can be beneficial for many, they still need to make the correct and right decisions.

Every business has different stages of change and in the climate we are currently living in, its even more important to have tools at our disposal that enables everyone to make decisions quickly and effectively.

This is why companies need to have the tools to make their own decision whilst still staying in touch with consumers and their own customer base.

To help shape the industry which is moving more towards agile transformation I am delighted to be working in partnership with Glow who are a leading agile research platform allowing their clients to deliver rapid, robust and cost-effective insights. Glow supports every quantitative research project you can think of from concept testing all the way through to event feedback.


Glow will help you to make the right decisions fast

Glow was created from a simple mission, to help brands and even entrepreneurs create, store and execute projects from scratch, gather data and speed and then explore data in real-time. Making the right decision fast then enables you to look at a niche amount of data instead of a massive pool.

Our industry is now working with too much data and not enough understanding. So I always recommend understanding what research you would like to conduct before you start looking at any questions or even a methodology.


Glow can support other methodologies as well

Glow isn’t replacing any traditional research method. There is the right time for exploratory research, advanced validation and analytics. In some situations the different approaches can even complement each other. Whilst Glow can support with quantitative research this doesn’t mean you can’t conduct any other research to enrich the story you are trying to tell or understand. Using Glows real-time data dashboard, you can interpret the information in a variety of ways which I will further explore in my product review soon.


How can you become more strategic when it comes to data collection?


Start with the business objective: You have to start with your goals. Why are you even starting to use statistics to answer the key business problems? What are you trying to address? Do you have historical information that could help? What are the key questions you need to ask and answer?


Now think about how you are going to gain the data to answer your key questions: This will focus your data collection efforts, so you don’t get blinded. Rather than collecting information and statistics for the sake of it, you need to identify why you need numbers and then go get it. Let me give you an example, think back when you were told to read and read and read even more books, line by line. And then later you would find out what you remembered and what you didn’t. I am suggesting you do the complete opposite.


Ask for help! There is no harm is asking for help whether that is from a different internal department, or external expertise who hasn’t seen or worked at your company before. A fresh pair of eyes on a developing problem.


Map your data warehouse! You may not have a particular data warehouse tool but its really important that you even use a note pad to actually create a complete view of the stats that you have in house. Then you can identify what numbers exists in the company, what information doesn’t and then where you can actually access any gaps that might be apparent. 


Use the correct tools to get the outcomes you would like! Twitter data is different from Google Analytics, so don’t try and use Twitter to answer an unrelated question. Analysing your social media information is different from understanding website traffic.


What is next for Glow and ResearchGeek?

As part of this partnership we are going to be working on a range of areas to help the public with more news coming soon.

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