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#MRxChat Customer experience summary

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On January 16, 2019


January #MRxChat roundup 

So our first #MRxChat twitter chat has finished and what an hour it was. We were joined by people from all over the world including the USA and UK.

A Twitter chat is an opportunity to chat to like minded individuals at the same time using a specific hashtag. Our twitter chat is called #MRxChat. Each month, everyone who joins, answers 5 questions about a given topic.

Just in case you’re new to #MRxChat, here’s a little background to our monthly market research conversation where you can rub shoulders (until someone gets annoyed) with some of the most knowledgeable market research experts on the planet, every month at 5pm UK time.

This week’s conversation was hosted by myself and Jamin Brazil from HappyMR. Jamin and his team have a growing podcast which is really cool if you are interested in listening to some of the leading thoughts in market research.

Whilst Jamin and I hosted the #MRxChat. We couldn’t have done it without some excellent guests which were:

  • Ann Green (Kantar)
  • Zontziry Johnson (Microsoft)
  • Erika Pearson (Kantar)

So what is customer experience and market research?

Check out some of the latest tweets from our 1st #MRxChat of 2019:

Overall, I personally took away 4 key takeaway moments:

  1. Customer Experience is now an important aspect brands are thinking. A number of years ago, customer experience would be side tracked and not thought about as much. But with so much technology on offer and the opportunity to open your purse or wallet at any given moment, whether online or in store. Customer Experience is now a key driver for success.
  2. There is a key divide between customer experience and market research. This is going through a cultural shift. Someone aged 35-40+ would have been in a generation where the internet was not actually used. So these individuals can understand the differences between how it was and how it is now.
  3. Technology is becoming queen and king.
  4. The enthusiasm for market research and using social media is immense. You could see from the twitter chat how collectively you can share thoughts and opinions.

What did you think of the twitter chat?

Comment below or tweet me!


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