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Quantigrated research

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On October 10, 2016



The days of the two-phase research project are over!!!! Well, not really, but they are becoming less necessary.  

Market research has been split into silos of qualitative and quantitative research, with these two streams emerging from two very separate disciplines. This separation is particularly noticeable in larger and more progressive markets such as the UK and Europe, where increased specialisation has enabled this separation of skills and has left the Insight buyers amongst you all, to piece them together in some way.

This landscape of the market research industry is changing rapidly. Markets are competitive and clients too time-poor to pull two ‘languages’ into a single insights story they can use for future reference or to use at a strategic level. Furthermore, the landscape of research tools and respondent interactions (both consumer and Business to Business) is changing, fuelled by new media interactions; technological advances 
and the demand for faster, shorter, more instantaneous information. The ever-changing environment places new demands for smart research talent that is bilingual, creative and dynamic in their approach to client challenges and can design and apply new research approaches in online settings.

Todays digital research tools make integrated quantitative and qualitative research easier than ever while introducing some real advantages such as:


Lower cost The survey operates as two functions (data collection and recruiter)
Speed There is no wasted time between phrases, and the research design doesn’t take any longer than a particular quantitative survey
Deeper Insights In-depth qualitative information alongside the survey provides opportunities to the reasons and motivators behind the survey responses
Engaging reports Think about the use of online platforms such as videos, webcams, mobiles etc. And enhance reports and presentations with powerful customer insights


Technology can link directly to almost any survey platform.  The link can select potential respondents based on survey answers.  The qualitative experience occurs in the middle of a survey or after the survey has completed.  Once selected and opted-in, respondents can participate in virtually any qualitative experience.  Some of the most common are: webcam interviews, mobile interviews, chat interviews and Qual Board discussions with or without video uploads.

Yesterdays Market Research world has already changed, insight buyers demand fast and strategic level insights to create and manage change, meaning online presence and user ability is much more demanding and important.

How are you conducting Market Research?

Is it towards the next generation of thinking?

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