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Written by Jake Pryszlak

On May 7, 2018


Creating a personal brand can be difficult, costly and time-consuming but if you put all of your tools together to create one, then it can be one of the most rewarding things in your career. Will it not only add credibility to your CV but open so many doors for you.

If you haven’t seen it already, I actually have given you 5 top tips on how to create a strong personal brand and you can see it here:

When I was creating my personal brand and blog, I struggled to find someone similar in my field who had the same characteristics. And I don’t mean how lanky and tall I am.

I actually mean – I am a young market research for a passion to add value to the sector but also my personal brand.

There are actually hardly any young market researchers with a dedicated blog like mine.

Not finding someone in your field who you can relate to, can be difficult, I was looking for creative ideas and a to-do list on how to start a personal brand. But I also wanted to understand what a market researcher blogger could get up to and I couldn’t find anything interesting or anything that enticed me into the blogging world.

Well, that time is over and I am going to show you an all-inclusive and behind the scenes of my journey as a market research blogger 

So I recently travelled to Amsterdam to visit a company called Upinion.

Upinion turn market research into conversational surveys that are interactive and agile. Enabling market researchers to chat with respondents directly and integrate ongoing insights into their everyday decision-making.


But how did I end up going to Amsterdam to see Upinion?

It all started with the power of social media. And I am not even joking. The conversation started as a tweet:

A day later, we had various email correspondents to kick-start a partnership between a market influencer and a brand.

And after various skype meetings and discussions, I was flying off to Amsterdam.

So your next question I presume was going to say, is this fake?

None of this is fake. I have created my personal brand over a number of years using some of my top tips such as.

Using Hashtags. If you are new to Twitter, you will be able to see that many tweets contain one or two hashtags. Some even contain more than two. These help readers locate specific tweets in relation to a topic they are interested in. But it also helps the publisher showcase their thoughts to the correct individuals who may be interested in their opinion.

In market research, there are a number of hashtags I would recommend searching for, and they are:

  • #NewMR
  • #mrx
  • #marketresearch
  • #insight

Share your thoughts and opinions. Whatever you post on Twitter, you are letting anyone see what your thoughts and opinions are. But this shouldn’t put you off from having an opinion about particular subjects. There are so many different subject areas you could discuss in relation to market research from methodology development, survey design to infographics and data visualisation. The language you use to share your thoughts and opinions depends on what type of personal brand you wish to have…

If you are just starting on Twitter or you have been a long-standing user of the platform, you don’t have to be on it 24/7 to get results. And by results, I mean discussions with others, retweets, likes and clicks on any links you might have posted. HootSuite recently published an article for individuals to understand when to post on Twitter to get results. They observed thousands of tweets and found that 3 pm from Monday to Friday was the best time to post. And that is for any industry. So as a market researcher, I would identify when you would like to post on Twitter but also when your followers are also posting so you can try and have a conversation with them.

Your personal brand is who you are. If you wish to be an ‘expert’ in a particular subject, then you need to articulate that by, answering questions with conviction and clarity. However, many individuals in market research who are starting out in their careers are keen learners and as such, you should ask a question to enhance your learning whilst emphasising your thoughts and opinions on a given subject. There is no wrong answer, but there is an opportunity to have your opinion staged in front of many people.

It’s important to be individualised and authentic in your responses if you wish to agree with someone’s suggestion, then maybe articulate why you agree with them, to strike a new conversation.

But remember that a personal brand isn’t just online but its what individuals think of you on LinkedIn for example, at conferences, your writing style but also in the office. And you should try and be consistent through your social media channels but also in conversations with others whether online or in person. If you are a fun and bubbly person and enjoy the realms of market research, let people know that.

So that’s a day in the life of a market researcher. A trip to Amsterdam and a blog post written as well as countless emails.

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