Top 10 Market Research Blog Posts To Read In 2019 1

Top 10 Market Research Blog Posts To Read In 2019

03 Jun 2019
Top 10 Market Research Blog Posts To Read In 2019 2


As a ResearchGeek, I really enjoy filming or writing content for my Market research blog. One of the other things I really like to do is discover the diverse opinion that other market research professionals write about.

You just have to see the TOP 20 MARKET RESEARCH TWITTER ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW, a list a put together which shows the diverse amount of content organisations and individuals are sharing!

The research community is a fascinating one, with different professionals and organisations writing about the latest Insight trends, new methodologies, and technologies we should be looking at.

Let us not forget though about the other means of sharing content which is why I put together a list of the TOP 5 MARKET RESEARCH PODCASTS YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO

The flavour and variety of market research blog posts that exist now are amazing and let it continue. 

As recognition for the time, it takes to write an all-around excellent market research blog post and. These are the top 10 market research blog posts (in no particular order) you should have a read of:


  1. Insight Association journalism by Chris Martin


A subject not often talked about within market research and that is journalism. Chris from flexMR discusses how journalist principles can enhance market research reports. I took so much from this post. Chris offers a number of hints and tips to elevate your reports to the next level.


  1. What happened to brand tracking in market research? by Richard Owen


Richards article really did resonate with me because I listen to so many brand tracking studies at conferences. And I just feel like they should now be left behind. For market research agencies and clients who are daring enough to adopt new kinds of methodologies and tools. And enter a brave new world of research and insight, then check out Richards thoughts.


  1. The defining threat to customer retention by Emily James


Challenger brands are not necessarily new brands, but any business within an industry that is innovative to get a strong foothold within a competitive market. Emily from flexMR takes market research professionals through a thought-provoking article that ultimately tells brands to keep up to date with customers’ needs to make sure they don’t fall short of the mark!


  1. The future of video for market research by Alistair Vince


Technology is making the use of video in market research easier, cheaper, and faster to discover and communicate insights. Alistair takes readers through the key benefits of using video in market research and how to implement those insights to generate business outcomes.


  1. If data were dating meta-analysis in market research by Zappi


If data were dating then many of us market research professionals would be guilty of some rookie romantic errors. What more, Zappi take you through a whistle-stop tour of not what to do in market research and some really common mistakes that are made. Do you make any of them?


  1. Robot revolution: How good are AI ads? By Tom Ewing


Like most AI projects, there was a certain amount of black-boxy, secret sauce machine learning magic involved when developing AI ads. I wonder how much AI was used when Tom wrote one of his latest articles that delves into the role of artificial intelligence, advertising and market research!


  1. 2 tips for turning customers into brand champions by Jamin Brazil


One of Jamins articles touched upon 2 ways businesses can turn customers into advocates. A simple topic but something many businesses don’t actually think about when looking to win the finer margins of growth. Customer experience solutions are great but they need contextualisation around them to be useful and brands need help with this!


  1. Do your market research reports need an update? By Karthryn Korostoff


The increase of dashboards and ultra-cool ones to match, means clients have rapidly rising expectations for the design and look of market research reports. Kathryn takes us through a range of hints and tips to take your market research reports to the next level from updating your stock images to knowing when you have written too much on a slide.


  1. How adopting Formula One strategies can strengthen your market research team by ME!


It would be bad if I didn’t mention an article from myself wouldn’t it?

I am a big fan of Formula One as it is all about the fine margins between winning and losing. So in one of my Forbes Column articles, I take you through how I think market research professionals and agencies can learn from a Formula 1 racing team like Mercedes.


  1. 5 examples of how to grow your company faster with DIY market research by Survey Monkey


Many growing companies and small businesses face these dilemmas every day, not knowing that the solution is with their reach. Businesses can answer all of these questions by conducting market research. Survey Monkey takes you through a number of ways (cost effective as well) you can conduct market research to impact your business.


In summary


There you have it. My top 10 market research blog posts so far in 2019. It is important to note that my top 10 are in no order and they all deserve the same promotion as others I have not mentioned. Market research is full of ideas and enthusiastic communities, blog posts are such an important way for the industry to promote its self. 

What is your favourite blog post?

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