Market research podcasts

Top 5 Market Research Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

25 May 2019
Market research podcasts


Market research podcasts are booming in every country at the moment. According to Ofcom in the UK alone, nearly 6 million adults tune into a podcast each week.

Gone are the days when people who commute would put the radio on. We are glued to our phones and that means podcasts are king and queen. Podcasts offer rich content and enable someone to listen to them whenever possible.

A podcast is a series of digital audio files made available to download through the internet.

There are many different podcast apps that let you subscribe, download and save. However, I personally prefer the built-in podcast app on my iPhone.

Now on to the part you were actually waiting for.

The top 5 podcasts market research professionals should be listening to in no particular order:


Data Gurus hosted by Sima Vasa


The Data Gurus podcast hosted by Sima Vasa delves into areas such as data science, different methodologies and analytics. It is highly relevant for anyone in the market research industry. Whether you are a graduate or a senior industry leader. It is a great way to hear from thought leaders in market research, whether you are interested in data collection, sampling, new methodologies and data storytelling.


Gary Vaynerchuk


You might be surprised by this particular podcast selection. If you haven’t listened to a Gary V podcast then his talks are all about entrepreneurial skills and marketing. This has so much to do with market research because we spend so little on marketing our profession in comparison to other industries. Gary talks a lot about his content strategy and it is definitely something I would recommend listening to when you get time.


Harvard Business Review podcast


The HBR podcast is another out of the box features you as a market researcher should listen to. They host weekly podcasts featuring the leading thinkers in business and management. More importantly, they discuss a range of different topics that are known and talked about in day to day work from communication to work-life balance. There are so many ways the podcasts can be related to market research. There are 679 in total, so you best start listening!


MRXplorer hosted by Zontziry Johnson


Z Johnson’s #MRXplorer podcast focuses on a range of complex issues market researchers talk about and face day to day. Whether you are a data analyst, scientist or a market researcher, Z and her podcast offer genuine thoughts on big data, blockchain, technology, storytelling and survey design. Z who also works at Microsoft is a podcaster to follow!


Happy Market Research Podcast hosted by Jamin Brazil


The Happy Market Research Podcast is hosted by Jamin Brazil who also co-hosts the #MRxChat Twitter chat with me every month. Jamin’s podcast focuses on how market research is changing. To underpin these changes, Jamin hosts podcasts with market research industry leaders including Fortune 50 executives, CEO of market research agencies and technology firms. Jamin regularly attends Iiex and other market research conferences where he interviews attendees. 


In summary


So there is my top 5 list of podcasts market researchers should listen to. As you can see, there are only 3 specific market research podcasts. This is because I think as an industry we can learn from others outside of our field. It is so easy to stay within our market research bubble without opening our surroundings to learn from others outside of our niche. Market research is a niche and a topic not everyone likes, so it is important to gain an understanding of the terminology used by others outside of market research.

It would be great if you would share this article with your colleagues and friends to let everyone know of these great podcasts!


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