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Uncovering true insights using video

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On August 16, 2018

Uncovering true insights using video

I am an award-winning market research blogger and speaker. My personal brand and blog have taken me to places all over the world. From Twitter and my blog, you can find out my latest thoughts about the sector.
Video surveys. Have you heard of them before?
If you haven’t, or if you are a font of all knowledge. My latest blog post will take you through some of the pros and cons of video surveys in the industry.


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When it comes to engaging your customers. Market research has been trying to stay ahead of the curve of innovation. Helped by organisations such as Plotto who have an exciting product that lets users uncover true insights. Using video surveys.

Why use videos?

According to Sproutsocial, videos gain more impressions on social media than other content. That is not to say text is not important, but videos are now key.

Videos are the modern way..

With the growing prevalence of mobiles, webcams and affordable digital cameras. Along with video sharing sites like YouTube. Everyday consumers have the opportunity to create and share their own videos.
With more affordable options for businesses to create videos. And so much user-generated content being shared online. There are many opportunities to use video surveys to reach out to new customers. Or to cement your relationships with existing ones.
Plotto is a leader in the market. I find it to be one of the best platforms to use. It enables researchers to create, analyse and edit video surveys quickly and efficiently
Plotto’s mission is to bring together new media and storytelling. Oriented towards privacy and qualitative content relevance.
I also find it special because it allows you to turn big data into actional insights. That can be used at a strategic level.
A recent #cxchat reminded me of this very point. It’s difficult to get senior leadership buy-in without evidence. Using Plotto as a tool you can take with you evidence and actions.

Why use Plotto as a video research tool of your choice?

  • It allows for product feedback and sampling.
  • Video ‘free text’ in online research surveys – More and more individuals want to speak about products in their own time. And on the sofa!
  • It can enable ethnographic research and video diaries.
  • Creative testing pre & post campaign.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Surveys and content for pitches or PR.
  • Insight generation.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Employee engagement & client feedback.
  • Focus group homework or pre-screening.

Video research platforms: Are they so brilliant?

With any platform, there are areas for improvement. Over the last month. I have questioned different software’s to challenge their thinking and technology.
Is the video platform accessible for all communities?
Whilst the majority of research tools are compliant with GDPR. There will always be questions asked by consumers. Regarding their data and information. How do you make individuals feel at ease and comfortable to use such technology?

What do I think of video research platforms: Plotto in particular?

Plotto It is one of the easiest platforms to use and better yet, you can:
  • Create your survey quickly using the drag and drop interface makes it a doddle to use.
  • Get straight down to the core insights when you are up against it.
  • Create testimonials for presentations using the very simple showreel creation. Meaning bullet points and insights can be brought to life.
  • Export all the data and information. Enabling you to show information to clients away from your desk at any time
Agencies and brands want to understand all aspects of people’s lives. Such as what they do in their spare time, which topics they’re talking about. And how they feel about a particular brand.
By filtering and searching for specific video content from consumers who have completed a survey. You can find those important comments that you can use to shape change and strategy.
With so many possibilities emerging. It is an exciting period of time. Where live streaming technology is becoming accessible.
What video research platform do you use?


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