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Will computers replace the curious mind?

Written by Jake Pryszlak

On November 26, 2018

Advances in computers, technology, sensors, scanners, artificial intelligence and automation are all notable concepts that are being discussed at length. Whether that is at conferences, in meetings, business development chats. Or actually, in life.

So what is Artifical Intelligence? 

The Entrepreneur publication gives a really useful article on just this subject.

On the other hand, people are worried and scared if computers will replace our minds.

On the other hand, I feel like this is an opportunity that could be waisted for some. Let me share with you one of my latest blog posts on personal branding:

Hence you may be wondering.

Why is personal branding important when this blog post is about computers and technology.

Well, it has everything to do with it. Instead of winning an interview against other individuals. You are selling your role and skill set against humans and technology. So it is important that your personal brand is on point.

Furthermore, think of this scenario financially.

Do you either hire a Research Executive at a cost of around £20,000-£24,000 excluding any recruitment costs.

Or do you pay to use a particular software or tool that could do a number of research executive jobs for half of the cost?

The Industry already uses technology

On the other hand, to answer my question is actually a difficult one. This is because the market research industry already uses technology that is changing the way we work.

To even interpreting data and information.

Technology is king and queen

Moreover, with so much new technology entering our space at the moment. It is not only a challenge to keep up to date with developments from market research agencies. But also for technology start-ups who are entering the market as new heads.

Start-ups and technology

Some may say, start-ups are not helping the sector to develop. However, I completely disagree because more technology is used, the more advanced it will become.

Also, this will only encourage other agencies to follow suit and develop new methodologies.

My personal opinion about technology and human intelligence

In my personal opinion, human intelligence will never be lost.

The speed of change when using technology

The speed of change in the use of computers in market research is rapid. However, I feel at the moment, humans and computers will work together so brands and clients can benefit from the accuracy, speed and creativity.

Whilst computers and automation are big players within market research, it’s important for any industry peer to have a personal brand that can set them apart in comparison to technology and other individuals.

Will computers replace the curious mind?

Personally, I don’t think computers will replace the curious mind within the market research industry. Nevertheless, I do feel job roles and descriptions will change significantly in the next 3-5 years.

What will market research roles look like in 3-5 years?

Consequently, many generic market research roles will be very different because of some of the points I have previously mentioned. You can already see that job roles and descriptions are slightly changing within the sector. If you look at a 2005 market research job description and compare that to a 2018/2019 one. You will find a number of inclusions that were not on 10 or more years ago.

These may include things like:

  • An interest in technology
  • An interest in AI
  • Experience in using data visualisation tools such as…

In summary

In summary, let’s not forget that the use of technology and computers is actually helping us as market researchers. It is helping us to get closer to our research participants and clients. Whether that is in the UK or overseas.

Our Understanding improves

In doing so, we can better understand their participant lives, their needs and habits. And therefore, we can offer clients robust and actionable data and insights quicker than 10 years ago. However, when analysing the data It is still up to us as humans to make recommendations based on the research. We would hope our research can impact the bottom line.

How do we know if we as researchers have impacted the bottom line?

Good question.

In recent months, I have been asked this exact question a number of times which is why I have written a quick guide to understanding the return-on-investment of your work in the industry

Understand your personal return on investment is actually something a computer or technology cant help you with. It takes a personal approach to understand the benefits of your work.

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