Jake Pryszlak
Here to help you become a market research expert with straight-talking opinions and advice.

A 3-time award-winning market researcher

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Being part of the ResearchGeek Community gives you the tools and strategies you need to conduct market research 24/7

This will let you enhance your career to the next level or/and (if you have time!) conduct market research using new technology and ideas as soon as they are known. You will hear it first if you are part of the ResearchGeek Community
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Just some of the market research organisations I have worked with

Unlucky for some and fortunate for others, I only work with a small number of select partners each year. Some I have worked with since the beginning of the ResearchGeek. This means I can focus my time and effort when helping some of these amazing partners of who many are in the F100 group. I always get requests and not many are accepted!

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Not sure if I can help you at all?

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do. This way I can tell you if I can be of any help and I will be completely honest. If I don’t think I will be of any help, then I will tell you MEH!

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Jake is a walking, talking celebration of humanity. He energises everybody with his enthusiasm. He has a deep, innate understanding of humanity and psychology. I enjoy his style, his spontaneity, his humour and his intellect. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading more about Jake over the coming years.
Dan Foreman

Investor & Director, Zappi; Bakamo; Mindprober

Don’t just take my word for it!

I always say that your personal brand should not be based on what you think of it, but what others say about you when your not there in the moment!