So I don’t have a long ‘services’ list because I just find
them very sales like. Which isn’t me! You turn to me if you
want to take your market research business or your career
to the next level.
I find it amazing that within the market research industry,
we spend so little on marketing ourselves.
Even though we are effectively within a marketing bubble. This is why I don’t actually have a services list. By turning to me,
we will understand what you really want to achieve together. Whether that is featuring you
on my own Forbes column to help you gain exposure, to a niche event you are hosting and you would like a keynote speaker.
Working with clients such as
+ many more!

The ResearchGeek Podcast

Influential content
Connect with your audience through influential content

Powerful and influential writing is vital to help market research businesses to stand out from the crowd.

This Is why you need an authentic approach, some inspiring and new ideas. And a writer who can transform ideas into some authentic words. Together, we will get your readers ultimately gets results. Its simple. The process is:

  • I learn what’s important to you
  • Find out what your readers are most interested in
Why do I start learning about your business first?

Would you rather me talk about some completely off topic or something that wouldn’t help with any lead generationfor your market research organisation? Your business values and proposition are really important to understand. So then I can write content that is meaningful and resonates with your readers.

After writing the content, where can it
be published?

You have two options.

  • The content can be published on your own website
  • The content can be published on Forbes or another partner of mine
Then feel free to get in touch via the form below and lets
start to make some awesome content!
Keynote speaker
Your market research speaker!

Have you ever visited a conference or an event and thought — “This speaker is so dull, I am not learning or being inspired at all”

Think again!

I am a keynote speaker, for audiences ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, from universities and government agencies to the general public. Having worked with a range of clients, I bring real business experience and an understanding of market research and marketing in general.

I combine my storytelling skills with the sharp insights
of an award winning market research blogger.


And I don’t just stop there. I work closely with clients to customise each speech, as a content

writer and a lover of data visualisation. I really enjoy creating new material all of the time.

Book Jake for a speaking slot!