So your either spying on what I get up to with some awesome partners or your interested in what I get up to. Find out below!

What I Do


Blog Articles

I write blog articles for leading market research and technology organisations in the world.

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I speak at small and large events (online or in person) based in the UK, across the pond in U.S.A and all over the world.

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I offer support and guidance for any organisation looking to take that next step into the market research space

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I help individuals take that next step in their career, whether that is 1-to-1 mentoring or team coaching

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Product Reviews

I review new and old technology entering the space so my readers and subcribers can understand the true value of a product or tool

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The world is your oyster

Like anything, you may think I can help with something a little bit different such as social media.

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Blog Articles

I can write guest blog ranging in length from 300 to 2,500 words depending on your content strategy. The blog posts I can write can be written about any kind of subjects to do with market research and tech. But obviously, I have my favourite areas of interest!

Product Reviews

New technology, businesses and tools appear all of the time. Therefore, it’s tricky to get noticed in a competitive world we live in. I product review tools and solutions all of the time, whether that is a 1,000-word review to a social media post.


Where ever you are based, I offer bespoke consultancy services to help your business in the marketing industry. There isn’t any similar offers available, it’s all bespoke to your needs and what you require help with.


Whether you are just starting out in the sector or looking to further progress your career in the sector, I am here to provide an opinion and someone to talk to.


I speak at a range of events whether online or in-person conferences. They all mean a lot to me and my personal brand. Whether they are small or huge, I can speak about a range of market research and personal branding topics to your audience.


There’s always something that I can do but I don’t always mention. Mostly so I don’t make you bored from reading my blog. But the world is your oyster!

Jake is a very enthusiastic person and has a positive approach to all things market research. Jake's work and also his blog have given himself an outstanding niche within the sector that I am sure will get stronger.

James McKay, Independent Researcher

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jake to anyone interested in research and insight. His attitude to his personal growth and development is outstanding, coupled with his professional skills, knowledge and passion for his field of work, means Jake is a great part of any project or team!

Yvonne Harrison, MD @ Project 92

I would have no hesitation in utilising Jake’s work - he is a dedicated and committed individual with a positive and passionate approach to research and insight. I am particularly impressed with his customer centric approach . Jake has an ability to think innovatively and create actionable insight from his work.

Peter Ackerley, Football Association


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